Texapolitan Opera Roadshow – Chad Johnson at the Hamilton House of the Rising Sun

Whoa.  WHOA.  I am Michael Mayes,  your host, and I just put in some serious time editing our podcast for this week, and my stomach just hurts.  I love doing this show, and most of…


David Roth, Operatic Evangelist Texapolitan Opera Roadshow, 12-04-2011

Hello and welcome back to the Texapolitan Opera Roadshow. I’m your host, Michael Mayes, and this week’s episode comes to you straight outta Louisville Kentucky. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SHOW CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE AND SITUATIONS….


Texapolitan Opera Roadshow

  SUNDAYS AT 11PM EDT – TUNE IN HERE The Texapolitan Opera Roadshow, hosted by Michael Mayes Raised in the Piney Woods of East Texas, metropolinated by my career choice, my mission is to pull…

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